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Arti was a 10 year old girls who lived in a small town.her father is working . she and her brother were supervised by her mother. she was a strict disciplinarian . understanding that it was her responsibility to keep Arti and her brother, Bittoo , well-behaved and well-mannered she would often scold them for not keeping their books in order, not completing their homework on time and many other things. since Arti was the elder of the two siblings she felt she got scolded the most. her mother had asked her to tidy up her room before going out to play . This mad Arti very angry. "What a waste of precious time during her holidays," Arti thought.she decided to calm herself down by going out to play in the lawn.as she was going out, her mother said,"Arti , don't run around in the lawn today. the gardener has watered it in plenty so that is doesn't become dry. you will slip and fall.""One more ridiculous rule," thought Arti.she did not pay attention to her mothers word . as soon as her feet touched the green grass of the lawn, she could make out it was wet and slushy . but she enjoyed the cool glass touching the soles of her feet . she started to run . She laughed and called out to Bittoo.he came out and started running towards her. Arti ran faster so that he could not catch her and her foot slipped.down she fell on the wet slushy grass.she hit the ground and blacked out for some time.her mother ran out to the lawn picked her up and carried her inside. Dr. Kohli ,who lived Next Door was called. he checked Arti and advised her rest for a week as her foot was sprained.
if only she had listened to her mother.if only she had been more self-discipline she would not have to suffer this way. all the while that she had to stay in bed resting Arti thought a lot about what she could learn from the incident.
She realised " I wish I had listened to my

the writer thought Adamu was under a spell because he worked tirelessly
Adamu had to take care of himself because he had no mother care. He also had to take care of himself because his father was poor
- Farm labourer
- Craftsmanship 
6d) His academic performance tells of his versatility 
The writer respected Adamu
The zeal to enrol for achoo even at the young age of eight 
(i) noun clause 
(ii) object of the verb "discovered "
- A spell - an influence 
- crafted - constructed 
- Procure - buy
- Attracted - Appeal to 
- Vaguely - slightly 
- simple - plain

- Reduces the interest of children in academic works
- Children may pick up bad behaviours from excessive use.
- Affects the health of children 
- Reduces interaction between children and parents

-Parents should participate fully in what their children see on television and on the internet.
-Parents shoild constantly encouraged their children to watch friendly programmes