Waec 2020/2021 Literature-In-English questions and Answers Obj/Essay (Drama & Poetry) is Out

Waec 2020/2021 Literature-In-English questions and Answers Obj/Essay (Drama & Poetry) is Out 

Alani, the third child of yaremi reject his ancestry by living ibadan for a long time. As a son to Ajumobi he is the heir and the right person to inherit his property. But his concerns are entirely different and values are not the same with those of the villagers too,he adopted an individualistic attitude to life, a sharp contrast to the laufi villager's communistic deposition to the world around them.He is neither concerned about the well-being of his old mother nor his late father's properties which he is the rightful owner of the properties.
Alani was advice by Uncle Dayo of his responsibilitiy as the only son of his father, he tell him of the continuity of life which even plants and animals obey.
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*Literature WAEC 2020*

Section A 
Through Kabria and Sylv Po’s visit to Maa Tsuru, Fofo gets a chance to question her mother’s irresponsible nature. Maa Tsuru had no answers to Fofo’s questions just as she could not give any other option to Fofo apart from, “Go away from Accra” when Fofo inquired about why Poison attempted to rape her. Fofo from here knew she could not rely on her mother for protection; something that will come as a heavy blow to any fourteen year old. Kabria asked Fofo when inquiring about her rehabilitation process about staying with her mother again. Fofo’s answer was an emphatic ‘Never!’. This showed how sour the relationship between mother and daughter had turned.

Critically analyzing the relationship between Maa Tsuru and Fofo based on their decision making alone, the mother becomes the daughter while the daughter becomes the mother. Maa Tsuru’s poor decisions and infantile attitude suits more a teenager than a mother of six children. Fofo, the fourteen year old, seem to make the right choices guided by her instincts and naivety.

In the end, Maa Tsuru failed as Fofo’s mother and it took a once-in-a-life-time chance for Fofo to be saved off the jaws of the streets through the benevolence and motherly instincts of Kabria.

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Waec 2020 Literature in EnglishEssay Objective Answers

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Below is last year questions and answers  

  • Literature-In-English 3 (Drama & Poetry) – 2:00p.m. –4:30 p.m.
Phase B

(No 2)

. Won on this room.” As proof of the apartment’s overcrowding, a young boy,

Travis , sleeps on a “make-down mattress” at middle level.

...“feebly” into the condo, and whilst Ruth starts offevolved getting ready breakfast, she calls to her son

Travis to awaken. After her calls are ignored, Ruth is going over to

Travis and finally... (complete context)

Travis returns from the rest room and alerts for his father to get inside before considered one of....Reenters and, listening to the tail end of the argument between his spouse and son, offers

Travis a dollar to take to school, which substantially angers Ruth. Walter’s defiance of Ruth’s decision....Tells Ruth that he needs “some money for carfare,” having given his last cent to

Travis earlier. Ruth offers the cash to her husband and in a “teasing, but tenderly” way... 

Travis ought to play.”

The relationship among Travis and mama is stated above

The son of Walter Lee and Ruth, Travis is the youngest family member. A “strong, handsome” boy of about ten years vintage, Travis sleeps on a make-down mattress inside the Youngers’ living room. Travis is a great-natured and persistent young boy who, for the most part, obeys his parents and grandmother. Travis is happy by way of the possibility of stepping into the Youngers’ new house.


Phase A


I- the theme of colonialist arrogance and expectancies

Ii- the subject matter of patriotism and resistance to oppression

Iii- the topic beyond the irony of mandoland lifestyle

Iv- the subject matter of ethical decadence and corruption

V- the subject of political social and religious decadence on mandoland



ACP YAKUBU Yakubu offered inside the play as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. He stands proud as an incorruptible and honest police officer.

 He withstood pressures from his boss, the Commissioner to stop investigating leader’s activities on the Ministry of outside members of the family. His investigations brought about the arrest and prosecution of leader, Ochuole, Madam Hoha, the Commissioner of Police and the corrupt Justice. In other phrases ACP yakubu, laments bitterly on why the decide frees Aloho. And ACP yakubu asks Ojo to paintings at the embezzlement and smuggling allegations placed towards chief Ade Haladu-Amaka, the Minister


*No 5*

Certainly one of Beneatha’s fellow students and one in all her suitors, Asagai is from Nigeria, and at some stage in the play he provides an worldwide angle. Happy with his African heritage, he hopes to return to Nigeria to help result in nice change and modern-day advancements.

 He attempts to educate Beneatha about her background as well. He stands in obvious assessment to Beneatha’s other suitor, George Murchison, who's an boastful African-American who has succeeded in lifestyles through assimilating to the white international.

Although Asagai criticizes Beneatha some times within the play, he appears to accomplish that out of a choice to help her. He criticizes her straightened hair, which resembles Caucasian hair, and persuades her to cut it and keep a extra natural, more African appearance. 

He criticizes her impartial perspectives, however reputedly most effective to provide her new electricity and energy. His final criticism of Beneatha—that she isn't as impartial as she believes herself to be due to the fact her dream of attending clinical college is sure up within the coverage cash from her father’s demise and her reliance on Walter’s making an investment schemes—further allows to open Beneatha’s eyes to the need of probing her very own lifestyles and identity. 

The textual content’s implication that Beneatha intends to just accept Asagai’s inspiration of marriage and pass to Nigeria with him suggests that he's, in a manner, a savior for her.


Section D

No 12

In “Birches”, Robert Frost makes use of imagery and analogies as a manner of conveying his message. Frost’s use of images and analogies are used in the topics of nature, analogies, and creativeness. 

Frost makes use of imagery during the poem to create a vivid image of ways he imagines the Birches to be. His use of comparisons permits the reader to view the Birches in severa perspectives.

 His use of imagery and metaphors are appealing due to the fact they're pragmatic, and create a clean image for the reader.

Nature is an critical subject matter in every frost poem. Nature normally symbolizes age or different matters at some stage in Frost’s poems. In strains five-10 it says, “regularly you need to have seen them loaded with ice a sunny iciness morning after a rain. They click upon themselves

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