Waec 2020/2021  physic Obj And Theory/Essay questions answers is out
Waec 2020/2021  physic Obj And Theory/Essay questions answers is out
Get Waec 2020 physics Obj and Theory questions and answers is out.: Waec2020/2021 Physics obj and theory questions and answers| In this article, I will be showing you past waec 2020/2021 Physics objective and theory/Essay  questions and answers for free. 

You will also know the meaning of physics and understand how WAEC Physics questions are set and many other examination guides. Stay focus and read through.


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WAEC 2020/2021 physics Obj & Theory/Essay questions and answers : 

What is physics?

WAEC 2020 Mathematics questions and answers 

Physics (from historical Greek: φυσική (ἐπιστήμη), romanized: physikḗ (epistḗmē), lit. 'knowledge of nature', from φύσις phýsis 'nature') is the herbal science that studies rely, its motion and conduct via space and time, and the related entities of electricity and force.

Physics is one of the important purpose  to understand how the universe behaves with the most essential scientific disciplines.

Through physics its inclusion of astronomy, perhaps and one of the oldest educational disciplines .  Over plenty of the past  millennia, physics, chemistry, biology, and positive branches of mathematics had been a part of herbal philosophy, but throughout the clinical Revolution inside the seventeenth century these natural sciences emerged as specific studies endeavors in their personal proper.

Physics along with biophysics and quantum chemistry, and the boundaries of physics aren't rigidly defined. intersects with many interdisciplinary areas of research, in physics frequently give an explanation for the fundamental mechanisms studied via other sciences  and suggest new avenues of research in instructional disciplines inclusive of mathematics and philosophy.

Advances in physics regularly enable advances in new technologies. As an instance, advances within the know-how of electromagnetism, stable-kingdom physics, and nuclear physics led immediately to the improvement of recent products which have dramatically converted cutting-edge-day society, consisting of tv, computer systems, domestic home equipment, and nuclear guns; advances in thermodynamics caused the improvement of industrialization; and advances in mechanics inspired the improvement of calculus.