WAEC 2022 English Language Obj & Essay/Oral Questions and Answers is out

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WAEC 2022 English Language Obj & Essay/Oral Questions and Answers is out

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2022/2023 WAEC ENGLISH LANGUAGE Obj & Theory/Essay questions and Answers is Out 

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WAEC English language Obj and Essay/Oral Questions and Answers last year





(7ai) Forest trees provide erosion prevention.

(7aii) Paper is made from logs obtained from forest trees.

(7aiii) Forests provide food for humans and animals who dwell on the planet.

(7bi) By appropriate authorities implementing legislation requiring tree planting to replace filled dries.

(7bii) It is preferable to use soft copies of books over hard copies.

(7biii) By establishing a forest reserve, the government discourages the use of forests as cropland.

(6a) She thought she was always welcome at her children's house.

(6b) During the voyage, she had a pleasant talk with a fellow passenger.

(6c) I She didn't have enough money to pay her fare; (ii) Due to a language barrier, she couldn't communicate with the new watchman.

(6d) He took the bag because Mama couldn't afford to pay him.

(6e) It was due to her unfamiliarity with the dish.

It qualifies the noun phrase "fellow traveller" (6f) I adjectival Clause I

Due of anxiety, it took a long time.

(6h) Always notify individuals before paying them a visit.

(6i) I unthinkable - unthinkable (ii) heartily - cheerfully (iii) Outrageous - excessive (iv) countless - numerous (v) false - deceptive (vi) frantically - hurriedly


WAEC 2022 English language questions and answers 

(5)Anecdote: It's better to be late than never. This is the tale of an elderly guy who lived in a little village. He was the father of two sons and one daughter. They were all well-acquainted with city life. His children would send him money every month to keep him from going into debt. They also used to write letters to check on his health. Once a year, his sons and daughter would pay him a visit, but for the rest of the year, letters were his sole means of communication. He would occasionally go to the village postmaster to have the letters read to him because he could not read or write. The postmaster was always willing to assist the elderly gentleman in reading and writing letters for him. However, that postmaster died, and a new postmaster was appointed. That young mailman was a jerk who refused to assist the man. His lines of communication with his children were gradually closed off. He used to be irritable all of the time. The headmaster of the rural school approached him one day and inquired about his disappointment. The old man explained that he is having difficulty communicating with his children since he is illiterate. He explained how, due to his responsibilities to his family, he never went to school. After listening to his difficulties, the headmaster suggested that instead of seeking assistance from others, he should return to school and learn to read and write. Everyone would laugh at him at this age studying, according to the old guy. It's better to be late than never, according to the headmaster. As a result of his counsel, the man enrolled in a night school and began reading and writing. He began writing letters to his children and receiving responses within a few months. He didn't need to go to anyone else to read the letter by that point. That day, he understood the adage "better late than never."

(6a) They were in the same class.

(6b) She had the appearance of an office administrator rather than a farmer.

(6c) The author does not consider farming to be a noble occupation.

(6d) I Her perseverance; (ii) Her ability to obtain a bank loan.

(6e) She was so successful that she was named the country's finest farmer and hired 300 people.

(6f) It implies that the writer is not as successful in her own field as Funke.


I Noun Phrase (6h) (ii) It's what the verb "was" refers to.

(6i) I Recharge – recharge (ii) Confident – optimistic (iii) Refunded – repaid (iv) (v) Struggling 

PAPER 1: There will be eighty multiple choice questions, all of which must be answered in one hour for a total of 40 points.

PAPER 2: Candidates' comprehension and summary skills will be tested through five essay themes and one passage each. Candidates must compose an essay on one of the themes and answer all of the comprehension and summary passage questions. The exam will last two hours and will be worth 100 points.

PAPER 3: On the Test of Orals for candidates, there will be sixty multiple choice items.
Candidates in Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone were tested on listening comprehension in Nigeria and Liberia, as well as in Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone. For a total of 30 points, all of the questions will be answered in 45 minutes.

1st Paper

There is one italicized word and one gap in each of the following statements. Choose the word that is most closely opposite in meaning to the word in italics while also accurately filling the gap in the phrase from the list of words lettered A to D.

Binetou's curiosity contrasts sharply with her sister's .......

A. indifference

B. noisiness

C. calmness

D. dullness

2. Though it appeared to be a little suggestion at first, it turned out to be incredibly useful.

A. outstanding

B. successful

C. remarkable

D. interesting

3. Kwesi had to deal with more processes after learning the fundamentals of his work.

A. advanced

B. academic

C. subsidiary

D. secondary

4. The kids like to talk about current events than than concerns.

A. archaic

B. uninteresting

C. stale

D. political

5. The Headmaster's assumption was pretty ______, as erroneous as that may sound.

A. wise

B. correct

C. exact

D. faulty

6. Halima prefers to ponder minor stuff rather than Big issues.

A. strong

B. popular

C. weighty

D. heavy

7. Bola is known to be arrogant, whilst Ade is .

A. cowardly

B. respectful

C. humble

D. modest

8. Musa's sister wished for his departure a few days after his .

A. coming

B. entrance

C. arrival

D. welcome

9. Algebra may appear difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes .

A. solved

B. simple

C. accessible

D. achievable

10. Mrs. Agide is quiet, but her twin sister is .

A. cheerful

B. boastful

C. loud

D. rude


Choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences from the letters A to D.

11. Employees at the Sugar Factory receive a large during Christmas.

A. benefits

B. dividends

C. bonuses

D. salaries

12. That container's exposed milk has turned .

A. sour

B. putrid

C. mouldy

D. stale

13. Not every activity supports causes.

A. worthy

B. real

C. concrete

D. favourable

14. At the funeral of the city's only curator, the Mayor gave a speech.

A. citation

B. statement

C. tribute

D. commendation

15. The National Anthem is played on our radio station at the end of .

A. programming

B. production

C. transition

D. transmission

16. The defense attorney failed to persuade of John's innocence.

A. plaintiff

B. witness

C. panel

D. jury

17. Unfortunately, most African countries' is corruption.

A. venom

B. bane

C. disaster

D. backbone

18. The patient's hepatitis was confirmed by the results.

A. investigation

B. diagnosis

C. probe

D. test

19. The new book has a lovely Design that makes it appealing.

A. illustrations

B. demonstrations

C. illuminations

D. compositions

20. After years of animosity, their marriage was eventually .

A. cancelled

B. annulled

C. broken

D. separated


A list of possible interpretations follows each of the following sentences. Choose the most relevant interpretation for each sentence.

21. Can you image Oka acting as if he possesses all of the world's knowledge? As a result, Oka is

A. does not have all of the answers

B. understands a lot more than we do.

C. is universally admired

D. is considerate towards others

22. Akin is conceited and arrogant. As a result, Akin is

A. he speaks excessively

B. eats excessively

C. is conceited

D. is extremely irritating

23. She put forth a lot of effort for the exams. This indicates that she

A. Despite her best efforts, she failed the exams.

B. despite not putting in a lot of effort, I passed the exam

C. employed unethical methods to pass the exam

D. I put forth a lot of effort for the exam.

24. I appreciate Modou because just a few people can take Adaeze's attacks. This implies that Modou is

A. Adaeze's insults were permitted.

B. was a slacker

C. Adaeze's insult went unanswered.

D. By remaining silent, you did the right thing.

25. He is now a shadow of his former self after months of battling stroke. This indicates that he

A. is now old and frail

B. is in danger

C. is devoid of hope

D. is almost back to normal

26. When it comes to Wang, Kura, you can never be too cautious. As a result, Kura is

A. Wang has no cause to be suspicious.

B. Wang is someone on whom you can completely rely.

C. In his relationship with Wang, he must use extreme caution.

D. may feel at ease in Wang's company.

27. Please don't tell me another story about a cock and a bull. This indicates that the speaker does not wish to speak.

A. be even more perplexed

B. the same old narrative is repeated

C. hear another another dismal tale

D. be fooled even more

28. She would have trusted him more if he had confessed much earlier.

A. had confessed before, but he wasn't believed.

B. had confessed earlier, and he was believed.

C. He hadn't confessed much earlier, and he was regarded as trustworthy.

D. He wasn't trusted because he hadn't confessed earlier.

29. Kola: You put forth a lot of effort to win the case. Didia: You haven't seen anything yet.

A. It wasn't nearly as difficult as Kola had anticipated.

B. Kola was incorrect in his statement.

C. It was more difficult than Kola had anticipated.

D. Kola didn't care if he won the case or not.

30. Femi is far too brilliant for his own good. This implies that Femi is a woman.

A. demonstrates his wit in an obnoxious manner

B. isn't as perceptive as he thinks

C. he delights everyone he encounters

D. conceals his true intelligence.


Choose the word or group of words that is closest in meaning to the word in italics as it is used in the sentence from the words lettered A to D below each of the following statements.

31. He was a fantastic footballer!

A. a brilliant idea

B. a wise person

C. a brilliant

D. a skilled

32. The politician is a native English speaker.

A. a well-spoken

B. a surface-level

C. a thoughtful

D. a convincing

33. Everyone wants to be successful in life.

A. compulsion

B. desire

C. need

D. courage

34. He dashed into a dense woodland when he heard the gunfire.

A. tight

B. deep

C. dense

D. close

35. That came at the right time.

A. suitable

B. accurate

C. prompt

D. major

36. David is a hard worker who is extremely meticulous.

A. painstaking

B. ambitious

C. pleasant

D. daring

37. We must use extreme caution due to the sensitivity of the situation.

A. deceitful

B. trivial

C. unexpected

D. difficult

38. His essay, in my opinion, is flawless.

A. erroneous

B. correct

C. satisfactory

D. faultless

39. Her study habits have shifted dramatically.

A. significant

B. real

C. full

D. complete

40. He was given the task of writing the letter.

A. advised

B. instructed

C. persuaded

D. forced


2nd Paper
Only answer one of the questions in this section. Each question is worth the same amount of points. Your response should be at least 450 words long.
This section should take you roughly 50 minutes to complete.

1. Your friend from another school has inquired about your school in order to help him decide whether or not to transfer to yours. Write him a letter in which you highlight at least three areas where your school shines.

2. Write an article for your school magazine that discusses the reasons why children in your community drop out of school and suggests methods to reduce this.

3. Write a letter to the head of your Local Government Association as the president of your youth club, warning about the rising rate of child labor and recommending strategies to reduce it.

4. You're the main speaker in a debate about whether or not women should work while they're still pregnant. Make a case for or against the topic in your essay.

5. Write a story that concludes with the phrase "That experience will stay with me for a long time."

[20 points]
This section should take you roughly 30 minutes to complete.

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